The 9U Team is full of up and comers.

Early exposure to the right coaching techniques can definitely help players advance more quickly.  More importantly, they will have the strong foundation from which to build.  Whether it is learning how to throw properly or load to generate more batting power, Sea Dogs players get the best coaching around.  It also doesn’t hurt that kids are naturally good, either.


  • Emmett Blatz
    Emmett Blatz
  • Braeden Croke
    Braeden Croke
  • Aiden Hicks
    Aiden Hicks
  • Hunter Kim
    Hunter Kim
  • Jake Kim
    Jake Kim
  • Thomas Kouzmanoff
    Thomas Kouzmanoff
  • Drew Moulton
    Drew Moulton
  • Jake Rodriguez
    Jake Rodriguez
  • Vaughn Schroeter
    Vaughn Schroeter
  • Bennett Sieck
    Bennett Sieck
  • Nicholas Yakubik
    Nicholas Yakubik
  • Justin Rodriguez
    Justin Rodriguez
    Bat Boy


  • Dave Rodriguez
    Dave Rodriguez Manager
  • Mike Croke
    Mike Croke Coach
  • Alex Kouzmanoff
    Alex Kouzmanoff Coach
  • Brett Moulton
    Brett Moulton Coach
  • Ryan Schroeter
    Ryan Schroeter Coach
  • Ryan Yakubik
    Ryan Yakubik Coach

Action Shots

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