Our Philosophy

The Sea Dogs is a unique organization in the club baseball scene.  We are invested in this solely because of the kids.

Sadly, that is a bold statement these days.  We care.  About their development, their arms, their life off the field, their families.  That’s because we are those families.

We saw a need in the community for baseball, taught right, that offered opportunities outside of the traditional baseball season.  So, we partnered with Palos Verdes Little League and Rolling Hills Little League as an extension of those great programs to offer more advanced training in an effort to not only teach our kids baseball, but support the community.  We also look forward to the opportunity to partner with Silver Spur Little League and Lunada Bay Little League in the future.

What we are hearing from our players and parents is that this is working.  It is the right balance of practice, games, and tournaments that can still fit into the hectic schedule.  Amazingly, the number of teams has doubled in just this past year.  This shows us that the model works, and the players are getting better and having fun.



Start with the basics – throwing, hitting, running, fielding.  We make sure the technique is there through active drills that stretch the body and mind.

Balanced Game Experience

We know that game action is what they love – but sometimes the brutal schedule of tournament ball takes its toll.  We try to find that balance.

3-Sport Friendly

Most of our players continue to participate in multiple sports. We hope so – it helps them grow as athletes and as teammates.

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