• Kyle Horn
    Kyle Horn Sea Dogs Director
Hi, I’m Kyle.  I hope you find all of the information that you are looking for in our site.  But, as often is the case, we can’t think of everything to put on here.  If you have questions, feel free to shoot us a note down below – we respond pretty quickly.
I am very proud of what we have collectively built with Sea Dogs.  Our community is responding positively – and that is what will make this thing great.

Wondering where we are?

That’s easy.  If we have free time, you can often find us at the baseball field.
Hitting grounders, at the cages, or in the dugout eating seeds.
Sometimes even dragging the field.
Unless the grill is on.

We are often at the field.

Valmonte Baseball Field

Or sometimes this one.

Malaga Cove Baseball Field

Need something else?

More information

We’d love to hear from you – or even get old fashioned mail.  With a stamp and everything.  Ways to reach us are below.

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