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The Sea Dogs fall schedule is roughly at its halfway point (in time – maybe not games).  What we have seen is an enormous amount of progress across all levels of play.  This was punctuated by yesterday’s results.  Collectively, the Sea Dogs went 7-0 in the fall ball league.  Obviously, the scoreboard has never been one of our drivers, but it was a welcome indication that we are all getting better.  Offenses are taking advantage of opportunities, defenses are both making the routine plays and finding some extra outs, and our pitchers (with the help of our catchers) are throwing strikes and navigating the game expertly.

This is all especially impressive when you look at the developmental nature of our teams.  We rarely, if ever, rely on one pitcher for an extended appearance.  Players are seeing multiple positions at all levels.  Compare that to the opponents we face, who seem to be driven by one or two players.

I look forward to carrying this momentum in the second half, further building our players confidence in their abilities.

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