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If you build it, they will come.

Don’t blink…it’s happening fast. Kendall, Gene and I spoke on a call only a couple weeks ago – and voila – a website. And a killer one at that.

A couple notes:
– it’s still in its infancy – but it’s a HELLAVA start!
– there’s plenty of content to add – a lot of the fluff/words/explanation stuff is what I need to focus on
– there are probably some edits to what’s up there already
– we’ll build a master list of what else is needed, then determine how tactically to gather the info (IE: kids’ nicknames/favorites, Lisa Roah shooting head shots, but only after we receive our uniforms, etc).

HUGE thanks to Kendall for running with this this in terms of organizing and building. We’re fortunate in that he has a system for his private company that allows for us to serve the site under our name – and we can update/add/edit accordingly along the way at no cost (taking for granted, of course, that Kendall’s time is free).

PLEASE poke around the site…offer up any suggestions, questions, additions, etc. Let’s get a list together that can be tackled over time. None of this is pressing…we had NO website a couple days ago. We all have thick skin – so in the interest of making the best site for Sea Dogs information and organization – have at it.

Fire away…


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