Playball! Sea Dogs Baseball takes the field.

All Sea Dogs teams are ready for action.

Experience at Every Base

Sea Dogs players have the opportunity to hone their skills everywhere on the field. Specializing a 9 year old seems silly, doesn’t it?

Coaching Experience

Sea Dogs coaches have been through the ringer and back.  Not only do we have excellent baseball knowledge and technique, we keep a positive attitude and connect with each player.

Love of the Game

Unlike most travel baseball teams, we aren’t in this to make money.  We do this to spend more time with our kids and hope they grow to love baseball like we do.


3 Sport Friendly

Most of our players continue to participate in multiple sports. We hope so – it helps them grow as athletes and as teammates.


Start with the basics – throwing, hitting, running, fielding.  We make sure the technique is there through active drills that stretch the body and mind.

Game Action

We know that game action is what they love – but sometimes the brutal schedule of tournament ball takes its toll.  We try to find that balance.

What others say about us

The players and parents seem to think we’re a home run.

  • To have such a great group of families involved is what really sold me.  The kids and parents ultimately make up the culture of the team, and the environment that my son is exposed to weekly is just fantastic.

  • My son really loves the Sea Dogs.  Not only is it a way to learn the part of baseball they don't teach in Little League, it is a way for him to play with a great group of boys.

    Player's Mom
  • To have the ability to teach the finer points of the game means so much to us.  The practices are well-organized and the players are getting so much better.  My son loves lead offs.

    Little League Coach

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